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Hiring your new leader

Where does fundraising rank as a priority when searching for new leadership? It happens all the time. “I quit!” or “You’re fired!” are the extremes that can mark the beginning of a crucial organizational change process. When you find yourself in the midst of a leadership transition it will be critical that your search team

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Two leadership requirements: honesty and trust

Are you brave enough to have an open and honest conversation about your organization’s fundraising? Are you willing to step out from behind your role as executive director and have an honest talk with your board chair? Are you willing to talk with him – or her – about what’s working and not working? Can

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2 Fundraising Theories to stay away from

The Fooling Yourself Theory can get in the way of successful fundraising. If last year’s fundraising strategy did not yield the required results, thinking it will work this year may be an example of the “theory” in action. If board members did not solicit those they agreed to solicit last year, you may want a different strategy – or different volunteers – this year.

Leadership and Fundraising: No Money No Mission

Loyalty to the leader reaches its highest peak when the follower has personally grown through the mentorship of the leader. Why? Because you win people’s heart by helping them grow personally. The impact of Beverly Robertson, outgoing president of the National Civil Rights Museum.

Kentucky State University President Raymond Burse leads by example

Have you heard about Raymond Burse, the newly appointed interim-president of Kentucky State University who voluntarily reduced his salary by 25% in order to ensure that all university employees would make a minimum hourly wage of $10.25? That’s right, this HBCU president gave up a total of $90,125 so that 24 employees– some of whom were making $7.25 an hour – could receive a wage increase.