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Donor Retention and Attrition: How effective is your fundraising?

We know you want to meet your fundraising goals. We also know some readers may be anxious wondering, “how will the calendar year end? Will we be in the red or in the black come December 31st?” While we don’t have a magic wand we do want to suggest two aspects of fundraising management you

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Five ways to improve donor relations

We trust your year-end fundraising is going well. Perhaps you gained new donors during Giving Tuesday. Maybe your fundraising appeal letter is generating increased gifts from current donors. Perhaps your long-term donors are thinking of you as they complete their charitable giving for the year. In all cases there are people to thank and a

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Annual giving — five ways to say thank you

Many nonprofits will see an increase in gifts from individuals over the next few weeks. Some will be from faithful annual donors. Others may respond for the first time to your year-end appeal. Still others will feel an emotional tug on their heart strings and impulsively give online. As you prepare to say thank you

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Have you heard of Giving Tuesday? Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for the blessings in our lives. Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the holiday shopping season. Then there’s Giving Tuesday which, as you may guess, is all about giving – this time to nonprofits. Founded in 2012, Giving Tuesday will be celebrated

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Many small donors or a few large donors?

As the year comes to a close many nonprofits are looking at their fundraising goals and asking an important question: should we focus on securing a large number of small gifts, or a few large ones? We believe the answer is “both.” Here are three things to consider. Securing many small gifts often takes as

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Are you ready for year-end fundraising?

An important part of launching your year-end fundraising campaign is data. It’s not sexy, but it’s true. No matter how exciting your campaign may be, the question is this: who are you talking to? We believe a nonprofit’s year-end fundraising should engage current and past supporters as well as new ones. We understand the excitement

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Giving Tuesday

At the end of the day Giving Tuesday is about philanthropy – a time for each of us to reflect on our abundance and share our resources with others. We can give on this one day, or we can take time to build giving into our everyday lives. We can reflect on how giving changes our relationship to ourselves and the world. We can diminish feelings of alienation and restore our feelings of connection… We are changed as we give. Often for the better.