I love it! …I thank you each. I think you have captured our voice in the document and set us on a path to clearly and succinctly communicate the strategic direction of the “new Lane College.”
Dr. Logan Hampton, President, Lane College


Thanks again, you all were terrific!! You made the group think, bond with staff, and realize they have power or know people in power, the same as wealth. After you all left the meeting they were still discussing ways to help make The Arc a household name. The impact of today’s session was what I had anticipated… you inspired, raise a lot of “brow” and more importantly motivated the group. We were there 45 minutes after the workshop ended… they were still discussing. Thanks for your leadership.
– Carlene Leaper, Executive Director, The Arc Mid-South


“You all were there at the beginning to help us think through how to find, fund and build a permanent home for Destiny. You supported us and challenged us to be smarter about achieving this dream… today, Destiny was awarded a $1.3 million dollar grant to pay all of our outstanding debt on the building (mortgage and construction loan) and to fund two critical new programs. This gift is orders-of-magnitude larger than any grant Destiny ever received.”
– David Riemer, Vice President, Destiny Arts Center Board of Directors


“WE ARE BEYOND THRILLED!!!  We couldn’t have presented the sponsorship packet without your guidance, training and confidence.  This is the first time I’ve ever presented a sponsorship packet, had a discussion and received a commitment to sponsor in only 30 mins. I’m usually writing grant proposals for 2 weeks straight and never hear anything after submitting for 3 months to a year.”
– Heidi Knochenhauer, M.Ed, Board Member, Memphis Blues Society


“I was thoroughly impressed with your work. Saad&Shaw has placed PACT, Inc. on track to do great things. We have a lot of work in front of us, but the map you laid out is one of the best I have seen anywhere for a legacy organization who must re-brand and re-tool in order to stay competitive and relevant in 2014 and beyond.”
– Derek L. Toliver, CEO and Executive Director, PACT, Inc., Educational Opportunities Clearinghouse | Founder and Managing Director MediGeneRx


“I know we are nearing the end of our time from the Assisi gift and I just want to touch base with you and see what time is left and where we go from here. Your counsel and advice has been invaluable and we would like to continue to work with you.”
– Leanne Chasteen, Executive Director/CEO, New Day Children’s Theatre


“I was totally impressed with Saad&Shaw’s professionalism and depth of knowledge.”
– Elize Brown, Managing Director, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente


“Quite an amazing duo.”
– Nancy Aebersold, Director, The National Higher Education Recruitment Consortium


“Saad&Shaw represent focused excellence. They helped Fresno City College raise more than 100 percent of our internal campaign goal.”
– Dr. Ned Doffoney, Chancellor, North Orange County Community College District
(Former President, Fresno City College)


“Preparation, preparation, preparation. Mel and Pearl have us busy getting our house in order before we talk with donors.”
– Adrienne Bailey, CEO and President, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Memphis


“We were ready to make a quantum leap forward as an organization but didn’t know how to do it. Saad&Shaw helped us build the organizational strength and identify new ways to grow revenue to get there.”
– David Riemer, Campaign Chair, Destiny Arts Center, Oakland, CA


“They kept asking me ‘What does this mean?’ By the end of our work together I understood why. We now have a case for support that is easy to understand.”
– Rev. Kenneth S. Robinson, M.D., Pastor, St. Andrew A.M.E. Church, Memphis, TN


“Mel and Pearl are fantastic collaborators. Our work together on behalf of LeMoyne-Owen College was ‘more than the sum of its parts.’ All parties benefited from the collaboration.”
– Traci Sampson, President, Consilience Group, Memphis, TN


“There is no question that Saad&Shaw stays with you throughout the process like best friends and best advocates.”
– Everett Brandon, Founder and Board Chair, PACT, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)


“I am so indebted to you for being the visionary team leaders and your ability to help us see the big picture through a wider lens.”
– Cassandra Webster, Executive Director, The Memphis Challenge.


“Pearl and Mel are consummate professionals and they continue to impress and amaze me with their creativity, insights and extensive knowledge of all things fund related.”
– Dr. Cynthia Bond Hopson, Assistant General Secretary, The United Methodist Church


“I am so grateful to have been introduced to the wonderful world of Saad&Shaw a little over two years ago. Thank you for challenging us to think big and go beyond the expected.”
– Melanie Messer, Former Associate Director, Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center


“Mel made it happen at UNCF. He set up marketing partnerships with companies like American Airlines, Budweiser, Disney, General Motors, and McDonalds.”
– Jim Alston, Senior Vice President, United Negro College Fund