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Unlock the Reasons for Starting a Capital Campaign

Is your executive director – or college president – seeking to leave a legacy by launching a capital campaign? Our question – will she or he launch a campaign or successfully complete the campaign? There is a slight difference, one that usually reveals itself when the books are presented to the incoming executive.

Leadership and Fundraising: No Money No Mission

Loyalty to the leader reaches its highest peak when the follower has personally grown through the mentorship of the leader. Why? Because you win people’s heart by helping them grow personally. The impact of Beverly Robertson, outgoing president of the National Civil Rights Museum.

Four Benefits of a Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign

A major benefit of conducting a comprehensive campaign is that it focuses an organization’s energies into one campaign with multiple goals and revenue sources. It reduces confusion amongst prospective donors, allows them to make a one-time decision on how to support your diverse needs, and reduces duplication of efforts on the part of the nonprofit.