[font_full1 title="Case for Support" link="#" button="Learn More" icon="pie-chart" color="dark" size="medium" background="off" spin="off"]How do you tell your story in a clear, concise and compelling way? Your “case” is at the heart of all fundraising. [/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="Consulting and Workshops." link="#" button="Learn More" icon="comments" color="dark" size="medium" background="off" spin="off"]Let us help you meet your fundraising challenges and manage your resources and staff most effectively. [/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="Research, Assessment & Feasibility " link="#" button="Learn More" icon="puzzle-piece" color="dark" size="medium" background="off" spin="off"]We will talk with stakeholders to collect the information you need to make critical management decisions. [/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="Fundraising Design and Planning" link="#" button="Learn More" icon="paint-brush" color="dark" size="medium" background="off" spin="off"]We will create a multi-year, customized fundraising plan to guide and coordinate your fundraising activities and strategies. [/font_full1]

We urge clients to ask the hard questions necessary to honestly assess their own strengths and weaknesses. It is not always comfortable, but it always rewarding and with Saad&Shaw guiding the way, you don’t have to go through it alone. We are there with you, sharing the challenge and celebrating the joy in your journey of self-discovery.

Mel and Pearl Shaw
Shaw Clients