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How to be a successful board member

Part two of a two-part series – Interview with Dr. Belle Wheelan Board service is critical to the success of a college. Critical roles include fundraising and the hiring and evaluation of the president. Dr. Belle Wheelan knows a lot about boards. As a former president she has worked with boards at two different colleges.

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So you want to be a college president?

Part one of a two-part series – Interview with Dr. Belle Wheelan Your success as a college president requires that you combine your technical or subject matter expertise with strong leadership skills. When considering a position, candidates should evaluate whether or not the open position would be the right fit for their skill set and

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Five Questions to Ask When Hiring a Nonprofit Fundraising Professional

To help you make the right hire, we suggest asking some out of the box questions… Listen to language: do you hear “I raised $99 million in 90 days… out-of-the box questions can help you learn what you need to know.