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I didn’t give because you didn’t ask

Fear, ego, time and misinformation can keep you from asking for the gifts your organization needs. Don’t make these four mistakes. We are entering the giving season. Many readers will focus on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza and the New Year. Here at FUNdraising Good Times we are focused on giving to nonprofits. Like children who

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How to prepare for a board meeting

An Interview with Kim Moss – Part two of a two part series The board of directors plays a critical role in the life of a nonprofit. While each board is unique, best practices can increase a board’s effectiveness. To learn more we talked with Kim Moss, nonprofit consultant. His leadership helps boards increase their

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Grassroots fundraising success: $58 million new senior residence and center

Dignity. Honor. Respect. Do not underestimate the vision, power and tenacity of grassroots community organizations. We have seen first-hand how a well-defined vision can transform a community and the lives of its residents. This month Bayview Senior Services, located in one of San Francisco’s last African American communities, celebrates the grand opening of the Dr.

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